Bhutia Market Nainital

Bhutia Market Nainital

Bhutiya market on the bank of Naini lake is more famous for its food than its shops. With the magnificent view of lake, along the banks of the Naini Lake tourists and locals are seen strolling, shopping, bargaining at the shops here and roadside stalls selling tea, momos, com, coffee, Maggi etc.

Other than the enjoyment of food item we can also shop watches, skirts, belts, perfumes and nice scarfs, intricately designed clothes, shawl, woolen muffler and new fashionable watches at a cheap rate but after good bargaining.
BTimings at Butiya market, Nainital

The Bhutiya market is open all days of the week.

Opening time: 7 am

Closing time: 7 pm

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