Mall Road, Nainital

Mall Road, Nainita

On the banks of Naini lake and foothills of mountains, is located “Mall road” - well known for its natural scenic beauty, greenery, serene environment and reflection of mountains and clouds over Naini lake. It is the main road which connects Mallital with Tallital. On one site of the road we have Naini lake, high mountainous peaks and natural beauty whereas the other side of the road has hotels, restaurants, shops and banks which attracts tourists towards itself. “Mall road” is also known as Govind Ballabh Pant Marg.

Nainital along this route of “Mall Road” - known for its natural beauty with shadow of mountains falling over the lake and beautiful boats moving all around is a place of attraction for everyone. When the night falls, the smell of variety of food coming from the restaurants and the light shining out brightly over the mountains and its roads and the reflection of this light falling over the lake is overwhelming and impressive.

Mall Road is apt for morning and evening stroll and one also gets a chance to buy cloths, handicrafts, chains, books, candles, intricate jewelry and gifts from the nearby shops.

Timings at Mall Road, Nainital

The Mall Road is open all days of the week.

Opening time: 6 am

Closing time: 10 pm

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