“Naukuchiyatal” or “Nine corner’s lake” is a beautiful mountainous lake, located at an altitude of 1120m (3674 ft) above sea level, 26 kms away from Nainital, is the deepest lake of the area. The length, breadth and depth of the lake are 983m, 693m and 40m respectively.

Most of the edges of the lake comprises of untouched natural beauty. The passageway goes through the dense forest, showing magnificent view of lake and mountain ranges and the shadow of pure nature heals the mind by its quietness and peace.

The lake has a water source inside, which maintains its water level throughout the year. In addition to the natural beauty, different varieties of flora and fauna, calm environment, chirping voices of birds and the sound of wild animals, plucks the heart-string.

Activity at Naukuchiyatal

Here we can enjoy ferry ride, stroll along the edge of the lake, paragliding and mountain biking.

This lake is located 4 kms away from Bhimtal and 6kms from Sattal.

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